I watch a ted talk every day. I love diffused light, trickling in a dark room. I hate routine,but don’t tell anyone, sometimes I love it. I will embarrass you if my favorite song comes on anywhere. I love going on walks when the sun is saying goodbye to the day. I save ants from the shower. I forget to take my vitamins. I find beauty in cracked abandoned houses and find perfection boring. Dare me to do something, I most likely will. I like when strangers tell me intimate stories. I hate small talk. I can recognize a face I saw once on a train 3 years ago. I don’t own fancy things, if you robbed me you’d be let down. I have a hard time dropping people I love off at the airport cause it feels so final. I remember everyone in my elementary schools birthday but can’t remember an article I read 10 minutes ago. Being free is really important to me. I don’t take selfies. I procrastinate. I’m jealous of people who can speak many languages. I like giving compliments. If you give me a gift or remember something I told you, I will never forget it. My dentist told me to stop chewing ice but it’ll never happen. I find animals magical and will always fight to end ways in which we exploit them. I am the annoying person walking into an open house on Sunday just to admire different interiors, not to buy the house (don’t worry realtors, I’ll tell you this up front). I have let people down in my life and have been let down, the first feels worse. I like people who surprise me, who challenge me and stimulate my brain. I’m a Greek girl and don’t eat like one. I’m a British girl and don’t look like one. If you own a badass Jeep Wrangler I want your car. I think more than I talk. I hate crocs, t shirts with pointless phrases on them, and people who litter. I can’t stay mad at anyone. I always want to get snacks before road trips. I feel bad for old people when they sit alone at a restaurant. I open the refrigerator a second time thinking the food might’ve changed. My biggest fear is loosing my mom and not doing what I wanted with my life. My dream is to change many people’s lives, I don’t care if that’s cliche. I will play with your kid in the grocery store, I will tell you if I think you’re beautiful, and I will fall in love with your puppy. I hate when people hate someone without trying to understand them and their situation first. My favorite smell is of a Christmas tree and I cannot stand the smell of fish. I have five grey hairs already (thanks genes? or stress?) you guys battle it out. I feel alone at large parties and feel alive in a bookstore, nature or driving alone in my car. I’m awkward. I am silly. I am not afraid to look stupid. I’ll be your first choice to go dancing with and your last to go shopping with. I won’t be the friend that remembered how to fix the car when it breaks down in the middle of nowhere but I’ll make you laugh so it’s not so bad. Double dipping and sucking the food off your fingers grosses me out more than you know, please, if you do it never tell me. I am one of those dreamers who think signs are messages; if your name is written on a bus that drives in front of me the minute I think about calling you, that is not a coincidence. I will beat you in connect four and loose to you in everything else. I don’t believe in religion. It only creates war, hypocrisy, and superstitions. How can you follow something that teaches you to be good to humans but excludes animals. How can you follow something that teaches you to be good to everyone but to judge those who are gay, who have had an abortion, or are different than you? I may loose you as a client, but its more important to stand up for what I believe in than to make an extra dollar. Until you have walked in someone’s shoes you cannot judge them. Everyone has a past, everyone has a story. I am an open person and love when someone can change my mind or opinion. I hope after reading this you are open to something different. Try it. If it’s trying skiing for the first time, telling someone you’re sorry, being vulnerable or not judging someone who is different. I dare you, cause dare is always more fun than truth.



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