The kindness of a stranger excites me. I will embarrass you if my favorite song comes on anywhere. I save ants from the shower. I find beauty in abandoned houses and find perfection boring. I like when strangers tell me personal stories.  I have a hard time dropping people I love off at the airport because it feels so final. I dont take selfies. I’m jealous of people who can speak many languages. I am an open person and love when someone can change my mind. I find animals magical and will always fight to end ways in which we exploit them. I have let people down and have been let down, the first feels worse. I think more than I talk. I will beat you in connect four and loose to you in anything else. I hate crocs, tshirts with pointless phrases on them and when people who litter. I cant stay mad at anyone. I feel bad for old people when they sit alone. My biggest fear is loosing my mom and not doing what I wanted with my life. My dream is to change many peoples lives, I dont care if thats cliche. I will play with your kid in the grocery store, I will tell you if I think youre beautiful, and I will fall in love with your puppy. I  hate when people judge someone without trying to understand their situation first. I feel alone at large parties and feel alive driving on the open road. Ill be your first choice to go dancing with and your last choice to go shopping with. I wont be the friend that remembered how to fix the car when it breaks down but Ill make you laugh so its not so bad. I think if people had more perspective this world could be a lot better. If its a question about my services, or needing to vent about your crazy neighbor I am here to listen.

I became interested in photography while my mother was making a documentary on war photographer, Eddie Adams. At the time I was in 11th grade and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life or where I wanted to go to college. I would study Eddie Adams photos while my mom would edit and became fascinated with the idea that an image had the power of changing the world. I knew then I wanted to be a photographer. I went to Art Center College of Design and havent put my camera down since.


I have worked for Haas Automation as their product photographer. I did freelance work for Blushing Bride Photography, Larchmont Buzz and Chronicle paper.  I am a freelancer  for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Keller Williams and continue to photograph weddings.


Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Hatch Beauty

Hugo Loves Tiki

Keller Williams

Larchmont Buzz Newspaper

Larchmont Chronicle


Nununu Baby

Of One Sea

San Fernando Rescue Mission




Babiekins Magazine

Enfants Terribles Magazine

Italian Vogue Magazine

National Geographic

Poster Child Style Magazine