Alexandra Cooper

I got a degree from Art Center College of Design and have been published in Nat Geo, Vogue and other small magazines, but that stuff is boring.
Interactions with strangers is something I live for, it's an unexpected gift and Ive found that my favorite memories have been with strangers. I once asked a man on a train in Germany how to get somewhere and instead of getting off where he needed to he took the whole ride with me just to make sure I got off on the right stop. The conversation I had with him is one that I will never forget. There is something very magical about talking to someone you know you will never see again. You are more open than ever and have nothing to lose.

I feel bad when I see an old person sitting alone. My mom is my best friend. I hate when people judge someone without trying to understand their situation first. I feel alone at large parties and feel alive driving on the open road. I cant stay mad at anyone. I will beat you in connect four and lose to you in anything else. I hate crocs, tshirts with pointless phrases on them and people who litter.

 If its a question about my services, or needing to vent about your crazy neighbor I am here to listen.